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Fields of Law

General Criminal Law

General Criminal Law includes the classic offences associated with Criminal Law, such as (negligent) bodily injury or homicide, theft, robbery, extortion, [...]

Extradition and Legal Assistance

The most intrusive form of judicial cooperation in criminal matters is extradition. This means the transfer of a prosecuted or convicted [...]

Economic Criminal Law

Economic criminal law as a generic term comprises a collection of administrative offences and criminal provisions that are typically close to [...]

International Criminal Law

With the increasing globalisation, more and more cases have a cross-border dimension. Examples of this in practice are transnational VAT carousels, [...]

European Criminal Law

European directives and regulations not only determine economic transactions, they are also transposed into German penal norms and administrative fines. In [...]

Foreign Trade Criminal Law

Foreign trade law regulates economic transactions with foreign countries. It pursues economic, foreign and security policy goals and thus serves to [...]

Fields of Law

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